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Shop For Manos Cotton Stria Yarn by Manos Del Uruguay in Medium Weight.

Manos Cotton Stria Yarn is 100% Cotton Kettle Dyed Cotton Hand Wash, Machine Dry 50 grams (116 Yards) Gauge 4 1/2 Stitches/per inch on US *5 needles

Stria once knitted up click each image to enlarge. Yarn Profile: Cotton Stria . First Impressions Manos del Uruguay is a nonprofit organization begun in 1968

" Cotton Stria " by Manos del Uruguay is a DK weight yarn . Made of 100% cotton , it can be hand washed and dried flat. Suited to making scarves, hats, vests,

Manos Del Uruguay. Cotton Stria . Bright, light cotton with a lot of texture, Cotton Stria is a fun yarn for kids knits, baby gifts, and house wares.

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