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Anyone who owns a washing machine that has the odiferous smell of mildew (or other unattractive scent) understands just how unpleasant it can be.

Smellywasher cleaner is a completely organic powder that is used to clear fungus from any clothes washer. It works by disallowing cohesive properties between

Does anyone know how to get the musty smell out of a front loading washing machine ? I have a Kenmore HE3 that had a mildew smell only when the washer

17 May 2008 on 6/14/2009 Thanks for a great article == the BOSCH front loading washing machine has the same horrible problem with the moldy smell --- water sits

23 Jan 2007 This will cause the machine to smell musty and can eventually lead to the presence of mildew . All washing machines must come to maximum spin

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